Commercial Property Management.

Tri-Cities Commercial Property Management.

We are more than property managers, we are equity managers too.

Commercial rental property comes in a wide variety of forms. Whether it’s office or retail buildings, industrial warehouses, developed or undeveloped land, an apartment, condominium or townhouse complex, owners of these properties have one thing in common. They all have a need for affordable management services to ease the burdens of ownership while preserving their ever-important bottom line.

Our deep understanding of the Tri-Cities business landscape and premier systems to provide you the best in commercial property management. From finding and managing tenants, coordinating maintenance and upgrades, to concise and accurate financial records the entire way, we are part of your investment team.

Project Leasing

We’re not just looking to find a tenant, we’re looking to find the right fit for your investment, where we can increase the value of your property, provide long-term financial security, and protect the property.

Management Services

Our property management team provides a complete range of management services to streamline the day-to-day management of your assets.

Research, Valuation & Advisory

Research plays an integral part in near-term decision-making and long-range planning for our clients. Investment trends, local activity and lease rates are key in understanding the best course of action in your investment plans.

We are more than property managers, we are equity managers too. We also look to provide recommendations based on present-day market conditions to value and position your current properties or ones you may wish to purchase – saving you time and providing you with peace of mind.

Results Speak For Themselves.

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