7 creative ways to find brokerage clients

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7 creative ways to find brokerage clients

7 creative ways to find brokerage clients

There are tried and true ways to find commercial brokerage clients and there are some creative strategies as well. The difference in a standout broker is that she consistently takes action, leverages the tried and true methods, and deploys creative strategies to win clients.

Here are seven creative ways to find new brokerage clients in any market. Add these to your tried and true arsenal and you’ll be building a powerful book of business in no time.

1. Talk to other brokers in your market and surrounding markets

Get to know the other commercial brokers in your market. Become friends with your peers and a few things will happen:

  1. You will build a relationship that helps deals move smoothly when working across from them
  2. Your direct line of communication to the brokers will help you hear about opportunities faster
  3. You could even land another commercial broker as a client. (My first deal came from a broker who couldn’t represent his own investor group.)

You can practice this with residential brokers, retired brokers, or brokers outside your target market to help build a network that actively brings you opportunities.

2. Spend the time to define and refine your target client


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