Just Closed! Previously Cork’s Pharmacy

A vacant medical condo property made a strong investment acquisition for an investor group fluent in repositioning a medical condo and breathing new life into Kennewick. There is more here than meets the eye.

With substantial improvement plans and significant neighborhood renovations planned, this property made a high-potential investment for a local investor group. The group currently owns a significant portion of the Medical Condos in Kennewick near the previous Trios Hospital location. Getting a glimpse of their renovation plans gave me great excitement for the area, the potential revitalization, and the prospect for this group to achieve a high rate of return while benefiting the community.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the group identified the property for acquisition, completed due diligence on the property (which had been vacant for 5 years), and landed at the closing table 40 days later. A smooth turnaround during turbulent times to cap off the year before the holidays hit.

I enjoyed representing this local Washingtonian investor group in their acquisition of the property, learned more about this area of Kennewick, and came to appreciate the future plans for the area during the course of due diligence.

Thank you to the team at Chicago Title, Sandra Garza at Sotheby’s who represented the Seller, and my client for the opportunity to represent them on this project.

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