Public School Districts Invest for Future Growth

What’s a good way to make population growth tangible?

Look at the schools in your city, town, or neighborhood. While not all schools are open right now (October 2020), school districts are still a strong indicator of growth when looking ahead 5-10 years. School districts are required to plot population growth trends and plan 10-15 years ahead for population changes.

In the Tri-Cities, some of the newest buildings across town are the schools. Elementary, Junior High, High School, Graduate. You name it, there have schools renovated near you. What does this mean for you as an investor?

This is a strong signal that there is a growing population, a young population, and it reinforces the message that the Tri-Cities is a family-friendly city. School districts are planning ahead for 10-15 years of future growth, and they’re putting their money behind these trends (roughly $400 Million in capital from 2019 to 2020) behind the future growth of the Tri-Cities.

Here is some data on Capital Expenditure of the School Districts from 2019 to 2021:
  • Richland: $63M
  • Kennewick: $194M
  • Pasco: $142M
Kennewick High School Mockup
Kennewick High School $87.4M project, planned completion in August 2021

Looking to the organizations and people that are required to plan ahead 10-15 years, is a strong signal for any investor entering or considering a new market expansion. These groups often have research teams, better data, and a more informed team than any single investment group or brokerage firm may have. We can leverage this information at a market and a hyper-local level to help you make the right investment decisions in Tri-Cities, WA.

Reach out today for a free consult on where growth is in the Tri-Cities so we can help you make a more informed investment decision. We are your local experts, down to the neighborhood and block. Leverage our expertise.

Below is a more detailed breakdown on the CapEx budgets:

Kennewick District

Amistad Elementary I – $14.1M
Legacy HS – $3.5M

In Progress
Amistad Elementary II – $14.8M
Tri-Tech Skills Center – $9.3M
Kennewick HS – $87.4M
Kamiakin HS Improvements – $14.0M
Southridge HS Improvements – $21.0M
Ridge View Elementary – $30.0M

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Pasco District

Three Rivers Elementary – $27.3M
Columbia River Elementary – $28.5M
Ray Reynolds Middle School – $46.5M

In Progress
Stevens Middle School – $39.7M

For more detail, visit:

Richland District

Elementary 11 – $17.5M
Teaching, Learning, Admin Center – $11.6M
Tapteal Elementary – $20.0M

In Progress
Richland HS Auditorium – $7.8M
Hanford HS Athletics – $6M

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